Tax Solutions

“Dale’s team helped with my audit and cut my bill in half saving us thousands of dollars. He also helped us with a voluntary disclosure which resulted in no criminal charges or penalties being added. Dale and his team were great.”

Because there’s already so much on your plate…

Let Barrett Tax Law take on the burden of dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency. We can quickly and discreetly:

  • Help get your tax filings up-to-date and avoid criminal prosecution
  • Represent and defend your interests during a CRA tax audit
  • Negotiate a tax amnesty for undeclared income or unfiled tax returns
  • Negotiate a lawyer protected, anonymous voluntary disclosure (VDP) with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Challenge unfair or incorrect CRA tax assessments and reassessments
  • Lift personal property liens, remove salary garnishments and unfreeze seized bank accounts
  • Negotiate a reasonable payment plan for an unpaid tax debt with the Canada Revenue Agency that won’t kill you or your business
  • Help you avoid personal bankruptcy or corporate bankruptcy
  • Reduce the likelihood of criminal prosecution by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Represent and defend you in a CRA criminal trial proceeding
  • Reduce or eliminate interest charges and penalties in certain circumstances through a Taxpayer Relief Application
  • Stop CRA harassment at home and at your place of business
  • Represent and fight for your interests in the Tax Court of Canada