Simone Barrett


Licensed as a Florida Attorney and Ontario Lawyer, Simone has experience dealing with cross-border issues, with particular knowledge in matters involving U.S. filing requirements and information reporting. As a Canadian citizen herself, she is familiar with the various tax implications that being a snowbird may have on the average Canadian citizen.

Simone has worked closely with Barrett Tax Law since 2009, originally as a legal consultant, and now as both a Florida Attorney and a licensed Barrister and Solicitor in Ontario, Canada.

Her work is targeted at cross-border transactions and matters involving property ownership and estate planning in Florida and Ontario; with a primary goal to help protect hard-earned income from being targeted by the IRS and CRA.

Simone looks forward to continuing to help the snow-bird, dual citizen, incidental U.S. citizen, and non-resident U.S. citizen, by protecting their rights as taxpayers. Fearing the IRS or the CRA, or simply looking to effectively plan for international tax consequences, she would be more than happy to speak with you.