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“I spoke with Dale Barrett over the phone about a tax issue I’m having through his free one time consultation offer. Once I presented the information, his response was informative regarding the CRA’s behaviours due to his experience in dealing with them…Dale’s view of the situation and experience helped me come to a rational informed conclusion of a course of action to resolve my dilemma. Thanks for your help, Mr. Barrett, and yes I agree, the CRA aren’t inclined to help resolve a problem but to extract all they can at whatever cost to you, circumstances notwithstanding.”

  Who should contact Barrett Tax Law for a free consultation with a tax lawyer?

Taxpayers, small business owners and the self-employed who:

  • May need legal representation in the Tax Court of Canada and/or have been criminally charged with tax crimes
  • Are being audited by the CRA and you are self-employed or the owner of a business
  • Have undeclared income but have NOT yet been contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency
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  • Have a tax debt of C$65,000 or more

  Who should contact Barrett Tax Law for a free consultation with a tax specialist in accounting?

  • Taxpayers, small business owners and the self-employed who have at least three years of corporate tax returns or five years of
    personal tax returns to file (i.e. back taxes)

If you do not meet any of the conditions above, Barrett Tax Law is pleased to offer a 30 minute legal consultation with a tax lawyer for
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