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Because tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency should never be taken lightly…

Call Barrett Tax Law today at 1-877-8-TAX-TAX (829-829) throughout Canada to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation with an experienced tax lawyer or fill out the online form to schedule your legal consultation.


Information provided via the online form, telephone and email are always confidential and protected by lawyer-client privilege even if you choose not to be represented by Barrett Tax Law.


As a token of our appreciation for choosing Barrett Tax Law, we are offering new clients a Free Tax Investigation Insurance policy underwritten by DAS Canada and made available through Professional Fee Protection Inc. Should you be audited, this insurance can provide up to $50,000 coverage.

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  Who Qualifies for a Free Consultation with a Tax Lawyer?


Individuals, small business owners and self-employed professionals or independent contractors who:

  • May need legal representation in the Tax Court of Canada and/or have been criminally charged with tax crimes
  • Are being audited by the CRA and you are self-employed or the owner of a business
  • Have undeclared income but have NOT yet been contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Are an accountant, lawyer or other tax practitioner or legal professional who needs to consult a tax lawyer regarding a client’s legal tax problem
  • Have a tax debt of C$65,000 or more

  Who Qualifies for a Free Consultation with a Tax Specialist in Accounting?


  • Taxpayers, small business owners and the self-employed who have at least three years of corporate tax returns or five years of
    personal tax returns to file (i.e. back taxes)


If you do not meet any of the conditions above, Barrett Tax Law is pleased to offer a 30-minute legal consultation with an experienced Tax Lawyer for
C$98, which can then be applied towards legal fees if Barrett Tax Law is retained to defend your interests against the Canada Revenue Agency.