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Barrett Tax Law lawyers have profound knowledge and extensive experience in complex tax cases. We are able to help clients settle their difficulties with the CRA and other tax problems.

Do you have unfiled tax returns or perhaps even owe money in response to a tax return and have not yet…

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Since the Canada Revenue Agency benefits from a special set of laws regarding unpaid taxes, owing them…

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If the CRA is auditing you, contact us and we can help you avoid certain tax traps causing hundreds of…

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Do you disagree with the Canada Revenue Agency’s (“CRA”) decision resulting from an objection? Taxpayers have…

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Do you feel that the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has unfairly assessed you? Are you involved in an unfair…

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Taxpayers can make disclosures to correct inaccurate or incomplete information, or to simply…

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Of the many decisions that involve running a business, having a solid tax strategy is the one that will steer you…

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Generally speaking, a tax shelter is a financial arrangement made to avoid or minimize taxes…

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Even the best prepared estate plans still require additional steps to be undertaken post-mortem to avoid unnecessary tax….

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Have you been charged with tax evasion or are you worried you might be? Have you received a requirement to file, a summons related to unfiled tax returns…

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Sometimes you create a corporation for one purpose, then it takes on additional roles beyond the initial purpose…

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You have done the hard part already, by deciding on what you want your business to do. After that we can assist by helping you decide what is the best way to structure your business…

In selling or acquiring a private Canadian business, there are many potential legal issues which require flexible and well-researched solutions…

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