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Authorized Representative

When the going gets tough there are always those who can act as an “authorized representative” with the CRA.  This can be an accountant, a tax lawyer, or anybody else for that matter.

An experienced representative that has an expert-level familiarity with the tax law system is a valuable asset to be consulted.  Access to such a resource is especially helpful for taxpayers with limited knowledge of the audit process, the objections process, or dealing with the CRA in general. A representative can technically be anyone a taxpayer chooses.  It can be Larry from around the corner who is a dentist but who loves fighting the CRA for fun, but accountants and tax lawyers especially are often the best suited for the job. It is simple to designate one or more people as a representative with the CRA.  For sole proprietorships there is one form and for corporations or HST or Payroll accounts there is a separate form

Businesses and GST accounts that are sole proprietorships require an RC59 business consent authorization form to be completed and filed including a business number in lieu of a SIN that would be found on the personal authorization form. This form has an option for a taxpayer to choose the levels of authorization they grant a representative – which is useful in situations where multiple representatives are acting for a taxpayer. The CRA website has a portal where taxpayers can login and view under the tab labelled ‘My Business Account’ exactly who their authorized representatives are and what recent activity has occurred as well as choosing to remove representatives as well as appoint new ones.

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