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Not only does Barrett Tax Law have lawyers who are licensed in Canada, but we also have lawyers who are licensed in the states of Florida, Oklahoma and New York in the United States. Being licensed in both Canada and the United states gives our lawyers a unique edge.

Our experience and extensive knowledge of the U.S. legal system and regulations enables for us to assist individuals with things such as:

Cross Border Estate Planning;

Business Expansion to the U.S.;

Corporate Tax Planning;

U.S./Canada Tax Advice;

Personal Tax Planning;

U.S. Citizenship & Residency Planning;

Tax Controversy;

U.S. Information Reporting Requirements;

U.S. Deemed Residents;

Voluntary Disclosure Programs; and

ITIN or EIN registration.

Whether your client is trying to expand their company into the United States, have tax issues, or require cross-border estate planning, Barrett Tax Law is here to assist. Don’t let your client go unassisted, come to us. We have the expertise you have been looking for to help assist your clients further.

Do you have a client who is considered a U.S. Deemed Resident Alien and is looking to learn more about how to avoid paying taxes on their worldwide income in the U.S.? Our lawyers can assist in explaining to the process of qualifying for non-resident status by reason of a Treaty Exemption and help to determine what forms to file in order to protect their rights in the future. Together we can provide your client the building blocks necessary to succeed.

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