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Why Partner With Us?

1. We have a team of dedicated experts who know tax law.

We know the law and the recent developments, including case law. We read the journals, study the cases, and generally don’t get out much. This means that we don’t give too much weight to CRA interpretations and guidelines which often times are self-serving and have no basis in the law. Knowing the difference between policy and law can make a difference.

2. We understand your business.

We have worked with accountants for many years and we understand you and your needs. Of course, not all accountants can be painted with the same brush, and we understand that each accountant has a different focus, offerings, and strengths, which is why we offer very individualized support to our accounting partners.

3. We understand how the CRA works.

We have helped thousands of Canadians establish payment arrangements and resolve conflicts with the CRA, which means that we have dealt with virtually every collector, auditor, and appeals officer. We understand the agent on the other side of the phone, and we have former CRA employees on staff and contract.

When the success of your client depends on making an arrangement with or challenging the CRA, we will support you to the extent necessary and provide you with the intelligence we have acquired over the years.

4. We can support you in the Tax Court.

In those cases where you are retained to represent your client under the informal procedure of the Tax Court of Canada, you can call upon us at any time for some advice. If need be, we can even attend the hearing with you.

5. We can provide you with an edge that you may need in a transaction, a negotiation with a CRA collections agent, or a corporate re-organization.

This edge may be having the right piece of case law, or having the answer to a quick question. It may be having a second (or third) set of eyeballs to review a document or a corporate structure, or it may be more involved. Big or small, you can count on us to give you the right answer at the right time.

6. We can do some of those things that you cannot.

When the law or regulations prevent you from helping your client, you can rely on us. For example, with your support and background work product we can effectively represent your client in the Tax Court of Canada under the general procedure.

7. We can do some of those things that you may not want to.

We can help set up corporations, draft resolutions, bylaws, and unanimous shareholders agreements. We can prepare purchase and sale agreements and complete elections for rollovers, and we can hold funds in trust during a closing. Whatever it is that we can do to complete your service offerings or facilitate the closing of a transaction, we have a host of legal services at your disposal.

8. We’re international.

With tax lawyers also licensed in Florida, New York, and Oklahoma, we are able to provide support to your clients and their transactions on both sides of the border. We also have an appreciation for the types of legal issues that are faced by your American clients while they stay or work in Canada.

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